Ray Vidal

Ray Vidal is a Filipino-Canadian multidisciplinary artist, muralist, musician and educator based in the Greater Toronto Area. He is passionate about bringing people together through public art engagement, mentorships, workshops, community events and programming. After graduating from OCAD University he has been creating vibrant murals, installations and digital artworks around the city. He has completed projects with the City of Mississauga, Visual Arts Mississauga, Mt. Pleasant BIA, Tillsonburg BIA, Bell Box Mural Projects and STEPS Public Art. He currently continues to engage in public art initiatives and teach art programs to children, youth and adults.

His art practice is a self exploration into his Filipino roots and culture. He wants to reconnect with his own heritage through art making to gain a deeper sense of meaning for lost Filipino traditions and what they mean to him being mixed race and living in diaspora. His artwork is influenced by everything from contemporary art, illustration, comics, surrealism, sci-fi, sign painting, album covers, calligraphy, Baybayin and graffiti. Ray's works extract from these inspirations to further expand on and bring together various art forms from all around the world in a bold, vibrant illustrative style.

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