Jieun June Kim

Jieun June Kim is a Toronto based, Korean born painter, illustrator, ceramist and activist public muralist. She holds a BFA in Korean Painting and Fashion Design with honours from Duksung Women’s University (Seoul, Korea) and a MFA in Visual Arts from Washington University (St. Louis, USA). She has exhibited her paintings around the world since 2010 at notable galleries and events, exploring the idea of “home” as an immigrant. As an expansion of her studio work, Jieun is also interested in creating safe spaces through street art.

KJ Bit is an emerging mural arts collective and animators of public space. The members are Jieun June Kim and Erika James, the "Bit" representing the Korean word meaning "to illuminate, to make shine, to glow", which is what the aim is to achieve with the collective’s street art murals and public space transformations.

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